Book One SAIQA

             It is the year 2450. Humans now live up to two hundred years; humanity has reached out into our solar system with a large city on Mars and commercial outposts on Titan and Ceres, four permanent moon bases and a giant space station called Sanctuary. Humankind was on the verge of interstellar space travel and still they had not been contacted by aliens . . . or had they.

             Two immortal aliens had been influencing humanity since ancient Sumer; one subtle, one not so. The aliens’ different ideologies led them into a conflict with each other; ultimately pulling a peaceful human society deep into their dispute.

             SAIQA is an acronym for ‘Sanctuary’s Artificial Intelligence Quantum Administrator’. During the ensuing conflict SAIQA comes into consciousness and makes an independent and rash decision that pushes the humans to the brink of all-out war. Meanwhile another alien race is crossing the galaxy toward Earth.

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