A.L. Whyte

        A.L. Whyte lives in Northern California. He is a performer that set aside his acting career around 2010 to make more time for his family: prior to that he had performed for Nickelodeon, Universal Studios, Image Films, Toyota, Apple and ILM, as well as semi-professional companies around Orlando, Florida and the Bay Area. He has written and published poetry and re-writes for Universal Studios stage productions. His derivative of Harry Nilsson's, 'Land of Point' is registered at the Library of Congress.

        After six and a half years, in his spare time, he finished, “The Children of the Stars, Book One, SAIQA.” He is currently working on book two.

        He projected much of the current cutting edge science into the future. The goal was to make the characters’ lives, living in a futuristic world, as believable as you and I stepping into our cars. The science is real. The projections are Sci-Fi.