Just a few excerpts from Amazon Customer Reviews;

The more i read of this book the more i loved the details worked into the characters, the unfolding of the plot, and especially the thematic nuances that beckoned to some favorite classic authors of mine like Hermann Hesse and Isaac Asimov. Its a delight to analyze for such historic associations in the Sci-Fi hall of fame, but its even a greater joy to be engrossed with new SCi-Fi that stands alone on its own. And with the plethora of novels out there, the choice is easy to ignore most of them – this however is one not to pass by.       Gulliver

I brought this book on vacation thinking I would get to it, from time to time, when I had some down time. Turned out once I got into it I ended up spending more time reading the darn thing than hiking, swimming, etc. It just seemed to grab me and I CAN'T WAIT for Book Two to come out!     Michael

Wow! It’s hard to know where to begin, but I think I will start with the fact that I love the type of science fiction represented by A.L. Whyte’s The Children of the Stars. Let me continue by saying The Children of the Stars is one of the best “hard” science fiction novels I have read in a very long time. It has everything. It is a carefully constructed future based on science we see being discovered and understood today. Best of all, this future has its problems; the novel would be boring if it didn’t but for the most part, this future is positive. These people are people I could love, understand, and even hate when necessary. We see changes in the human lifespan that are totally believable when you consider what is going on in labs and hospitals around the world now. The world is united and working on really important goals that benefit all humanity. There is a fantastic space station run by an adorable A.I. floating above Earth. I would so love to see this future.
The Children of the Stars is an awesome feat of literary and scientific achievement. I cannot fathom the amount of writing, rewriting, and research that went into creating this novel. A.L. Whyte’s scope and dedication in getting the science right reminds me of the work of Neal Stephenson. The plot is brilliant on several different levels. Every character is special and worth reading about in his or her own way. The setting is captivating and meticulously constructed. There is nothing in The Children of the Stars that is not first-rate science fiction of the highest standard.